Paul Green served a three month suspension for some outlandish things. 


  • FLORIDA BAR V. PAUL GREEN, SC18-1004 – Closed.
    • Count I Complaint of Stephanie Sussman: According to the Complaint, Greet took unwarranted draws from the operating account and used the firm credit card for personal use. In the midst of his own divorce, Green sent a test message regarding his wife’s attorney, saying, “Tell Dana Price I hope she dies of dirty Jew AIDS.” Parker terminated Green and Green allegedly shut off access to firm email, as he owned the domain. Green thereafter took to the firm’s Facebook page and stated, “Patricia Parker was Baker Acted… (and) please be careful if you decide to go with the law office of Patricia L. Parker.”
    • Count II Complaint of Karen Bates: Karen Bates hired Parker & Green to represent her in a divorce proceeding. Respondent then stated that the firm was splitting because Mrs. Parker has been Baker Acted and had tried to commit suicide. Ms. Bates alleges that Respondent further told Ms. Bates that if she would make a statement about Mrs. Parker he would finish her case for free. On September 19, 2017, Respondent sent Ms. Bates a text message asking to get together over drinks to discuss Mrs. Parker and her case. Over the next few hours, Ms. Bates received numerous text messages from Respondent asking for her address so he could pick her up and take her out for drinks. Respondent even stated he would just come over and have wine at Ms. Bates’ home. After Ms. Bates filed her Bar complaint, Respondent approached her while she was working as a bartender, slammed his hand down on the bar and said, “Good luck with that complaint.”
    • Green received a sixty-day suspension from the practice of law.

Green took to the news media to defend himself-


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