Bad Lawyer Ads

Read more about lawyers across the country who imbalance justice.

Napalm In the Hallway Lawyers

BAD LAWYER ADS: BROWN & CROUPPEN,  St. LOUIS, MISSOURI The kings of cliche. Muscle? Talent? Results? Yeah, looks like lawyers who only had permission to film in a hallway. Making references to Apocalypse Now... I knew napalm, sir, and you are no napalm. And their...

Pay Me Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: DENVIL CROWE,  TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI The definition of obnoxious. And now he has hair, so he has that going for him.

Awful Backgrounds Lawyer Ads

BAD LAWYER ADS: BERGER & GREEN,  PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA The lawyers at Berger & Green have gotten better over the years, but they started out exploding things and crashing faces into windshields.

Bad Luck Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: DARRYL ISAACS,  LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Isaacs's old ads are bad, but at least he doesn't take himself so seriously. He's gotten much worse recently.

Violent Divorce Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: J. MICHAEL GALLAGHER,  SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Monetizing domestic violence? The couple literally commits battery rushing to the phone. His yelp reviews are worse than his ad. And that jingle as is even worse than that.

Vermin Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: STEVE MILLER, DIVORCE EZ, PLANTATION, Florida The only thing worse than this ad may be the lawyer's yelp reviews. He used terms like, "hate each other like poison," "hell hole of a marriage," "piece of crap three piece suit (lawyer) and "vermin you...

Screaming Texan Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: ADAM REPOSA, AUSTIN TEXAS Adam Reposa is our first winner of both a "behaving badly" award and a "bad lawyer ad" selection. He has been calling himself a "Lawyer, Patriot, Champion" long before Donald Trump. It appears that Reposa doesn't put on a show...

Sweet Brown Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: Sweet Brown for BRIAN LONCAR, DALLAS, TEXAS  Sweet Brown was a viral sensation. It didn't take attorney Brian Loncar long to try and capitalize on it. He pushed the limits of his "Strong Arm" advertising for years. Sadly, he passed away from a drug...

Fred Taylor Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: Fred Taylor for Berman & Berman, Boca Raton, Florida Under Florida Bar Rule 4-7.15, Unduly Manipulative or Intrusive Advertisements, the Florida Bar prevents an advertisement which "contains the voice or image of a celebrity, except that a lawyer...

Master P Lawyer Ad

BAD LAWYER ADS: Master P for Winston & Hiestand, Louisville, Kentucky In same states, celebrity endorsements are illegal. This Kentucky law firm, Winston & Hiestand, recruited Master P.

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