Adam Reposa’s ads are located in our Bad Lawyer Ads section. He was one of the first lawyers to go viral, screaming at cameras and smashing cars. Apparently, it wasn’t just for the cameras, as judges began sanctioning him.

 In 2008, he oversaw a contempt case brought on because Reposa rolled his eyes and made the universal masturbation gesture (when you clench your fist and pump it back-and-forth in front of your pelvis) toward former County Judge Jan Breland. Reposa received 90 days for the infraction, but after two years of appeals was able to reduce his sentence to 11 days, so long as he wore a monitor.

In 2015, Reposa acknowledged in a Facebook rant that he was behind the “exclusively for white people” stickers that appeared on store windows across the city according to this Mediaite story. Texas residents, lawmakers, and NAACP representatives deemed the vandalism a hate crime, but Reposa claimed it was a prank and nothing more than a social critique of the city’s increasing gentrification.

On November 9, 2017, Reposa spent 35 days in a county jail of a 180-day sentence for a determination of direct contempt. Reposa was found in contempt by the Honorable Nancy Hohengarten, after a March 27 spat with the judge brought a mistrial in one of his cases.

Apparently Judge Hohengarten told a potential juror to ignore Reposa’s continued line of questions, and Reposa refused to approach the bench for an off-the-record conversation about the law, as he wanted to “have everything said in public” during a public trial. Judge Hohengarten doubled down and Reposa’s noncompliance would land him in contempt of court. The two went off the record; when they went back on, Reposa told her, loud enough for the court reporter and jury to hear, that he “got that and it’s wrong. I want to show the people how hard it is to get a fair trial in this court, and that’s what I’m doing.”

In assessing punishment, a subsequent judge said he considered Reposa’s actions after the March trial, including two profanity-laced videos Reposa posted on social media mocking local judges and Reposa’s belligerent behavior toward members of the district attorney’s office as they prosecuted the case.

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